Manufactured and supplied by Australian Lock Company , New Generation BiLock QCC locking systems have a revolutionary design and provide outstanding security.

New Generation BiLock locking systems feature a selection of (QCC) Quick Changing Core as well as a host of other features including a diverse product range, the new 13th locking dimension and attractive contemporary styling.

Colour coding options are available and Braille differentiation and company logo identification on key can be provided on request.

The QCC interchangeable core can easily be removed, recombinated and reinstalled in short periods of time.

New Generation BiLock locking systems are simple to use and require minimal maintenance, and thanks to the few moving parts and stronger key, these locking systems are durable.

With 16.7 million combinations available, BiLock locks provide added security as well as a high level of tamper and pick resistance. They are also suitable for retrofitting on most existing hardware and can be rekeyed or changed in seconds thanks to the QCC core.

These cost effective locking systems can only be designed, manufactured, installed and maintained by authorised BiLock agents. BiLock agents will also ensure all BiLock QCC system details are maintained and updated to ensure lock integrity and security.

New Generation BiLock locking systems are rated to the highest secure area rating as per the SEC catalogue as well as intruder resistant levels.