Series Six Mark I included a range of plugs that proved successful for Australian Lock Company has now been expanded to include a new range of economical cylinders and ergonomically designed, coloured key heads.

The latter provide Australian lock’s agent network with the capacity to provide low priced master key systems that can be differentiated either door to door or by each level within the master key system.

The new range is known as Series Six Mark II and incorporates all the features of Mark I with added features to enable this range to compete for the market share in the broad ranging, medium security market here in Australia.

Some of the features of the BiLock’s baby brother, known as Series Six Mark II:

  • Multi level master keying capabilities
  • A 3mm thick and sturdy key
  • A range of up to 1,000 coloured key head combinations
  • Each key head offers up to three colour combinations to differentiate master keying levels within a keying system or to match decor or logo colours
  • Economical and priced to compete effectively against imported product
  • Australian manufactured plugs of fine tolerances that provide reliable long term faultless security
  • Reassuring levels of legal protection
  • Available only through selected and approved locksmiths
  • An extensive cylinder and plug range to provide good lock out options [more than 30 cylinder and plugs in the range]
  • Retrofit most common lock applications in place within Australia today
  • Master key systems do not have to be transferred
  • Your supplier’s contact details are coined into the key blank for your future reference

All of these factors combine with BiLock precision manufacturing techniques to assure you of problem free security and quality standards.