Now that you have decided to install Kronotex laminates on your floor, here’s a simple way to calculate just how much material you will need for your application.

The Kronotex Online Calculator makes it very easy for you to determine the amount of laminate flooring that you will need for a given room.

After making your Kronotex laminate choice, use the Kronotex Online Calculator to calculate the quantity for your project. First measure the room, specifically the length of the walls from corner to corner. Then enter the room’s dimensions as well as the desired laying angle (parallel to the longest wall, at a 90° angle to it or oblique) into the calculator and click to see how many boxes of laminate flooring will be required. The surface area calculated here will also tell you the quantity of underlay materials such as plastic membrane and acoustic insulation that will need to be purchased.

The number of square metres that can be covered with a single pack of laminate flooring – known as the package yield – depends on its thickness and panel dimensions. A box of thinner, narrower panels goes further than one that comes in thicker, wider plank-format panels.

Australian Flooring Supplies distributes Kronotex laminate flooring in Australia.