Australian Flooring Supplies presents ALLTAC's revolutionary range of tactile ground surface indicators designed to assist the visually impaired in public spaces.

ALLTAC Sirius tactile ground surface indicators (TGSIs) are a robust large format aluminium version of regular tactile plates. TGSIs assist the vision impaired with warning and/or directional orientation information when moving in public pedestrian areas.

ALLTAC Sirius TGSIs are faster and easier to install than single studs or tiles as there are fewer holes to drill and less adhesive required.

These one-piece plates feature a revolutionary patented 'Allstar' stud design and are actually punched into the aluminium plate rather than being glued on, making for a long-lasting, dependable solution. The stud is designed for simple cleaning, with dirt easily mopped off to ensure a consistent slip rating of P5.

A 100% Australian owned company, ALLTAC is a successful innovator of tactile ground surface indicators, and committed to ensuring that Australia develops a centre of excellence for tactile design.