Australian Felt Specialists offers saddles, felts and polishing kits. The felts offered by Australian Felt Specialists are used for screen printing, packing, scratch pads, shop display, glass cutting tables, impact protection pads, headlining for cars, saddlery, billiard table felts, noise reduction and conference table tops.

The saddle and other felts from Australian Felt Specialists have various benefits like their availability in a wide range of densities, wool content and colours. They are cheaper than any engineering qualities and are extremely versatile.

Australian Felt Specialists produces two different polishing kits. One kit is produced for the dental trade and consists of specialty sizes and shapes. This kit consists of eleven small, hard felt mounted points packaged in a hard plastic hinged case. The second kit produced by Australian Felt Specialists is for precision tool polishing. The kit consists of eighteen pieces, out of which twelve pieces are mounted on three millimetre shafts and three larger felt cones are supplied loose with one piece being a screw mount shaft.

This kit offered by Australian Felt Specialists is also suitable for polishing anything from chrome wheels to coin collections. Some of the significant benefits of these kits are its compact nature, the individual components are replaceable and most importantly they are unique to Australian Felt Specialists.