The Australian Elevator Association (AEA) was established in 1961 and is today the peak industry body for companies operating in the elevator industry in Australia.

The Association's main aim is to represent its member organisations and be the voice for their common interests, with specific focus on projects relevant to
  • lifts
  • moving footways or walkways
  • escalator
Benefits of becoming a member
The AEA offers many benefits to its members including:
  • contributing to the progress of theelevator  industry
  • provide a network forum for discussion about industry issues
  • keep abreast of industry changes
  • provide the opportunity to actively contribute to technical working groups
Existing members
The AEA's members list are as follows:
  • Full Membership: OTIS Elevator Company, Schindler Lifts Australia, Electra Lift Company
  • Associates: Pitfield & Associations, Nippon Elevators, Queensland Rail, IFE Elevators (Tasmania), Avanes Engineering, Access Solutions (Tasmania)
The Association currently publish and disseminate a number of publications:
  • Owners Handbook - Lifts & Escalators December 2009
  • National Code of Practice –  Hazard Assessment Client Guidelines
  • National Code of Practice – Hazard and Risk Assessment; Hazard and risk checklist