The Physical Disability Council of NSW held a Decency Day initiative on 28 February 2006 to highlight the lack of equal access facilities within New South Wales for people with a physical disability.

The Physical Disability Council together with the Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission, the New South Wales Government and local government Councils continually seek to raise the community’s awareness of disabled persons discrimination issues to increase disabled persons access and wheelchair access in public transport (railway stations and trains, public and private bus services, taxi cabs) and to provide increased funding for our disabled community’s care issues.

Australian Disabled Access Consultants strongly supports the Physical Disability Council of NSW’s Decency Day initiative.

Wayne Boyle, Principal Consultant of Australian Disabled Access Consultants says, “We strongly recommend that our entire community support the Australian Commonwealth Government, the New South Wales Government, local government Councils and local community groups to continue to promote and provide additional and more direct community bus services for our disabled community’s access to essential personal and medical services at hospitals, medical centres, community centres and essential services if the existing facilities and services are not adequate to provide decent and equivalent services that are otherwise available to the non-disabled community in line with the principles of the Disabilities Discrimination Act.”