Australian Disabled Access Consultants successfully negotiated disabled access facilities for an adaptable dwelling, basement accessible parking facilities and common area accessibility within a 3-storey residential flat building project at 16-17 South Parade, Campsie.

The project architects, Artiva Architects of Lavender Bay, North Sydney residential flat building design provided one adaptable dwelling on the ground floor, with wheelchair accessible ground floor building entry, and disabled access between floors by an elevator lift and stairs, garbage storage area, a basement parking area containing 1 accessible parking garage.

The Artiva Architects residential flat building design provided disabled access for the ground floor adaptable dwelling and common area facilities, access to upper floors common areas served by an elevator lift, and a basement parking floor parking garage for the adaptable dwelling to comply with the Part D3 of the Building Code of Australia, AS4299–1995, AS1428.1–2009 and AS1428.4.1-2009 guidelines in terms of:

  • adaptable dwellings compliance with class C dwellings design criteria of AS4299-1995
  • accessible parking garage in the basement parking floor
  • continuous safe pathways of travel within the building and external common area facilities areas
  • building entries and wheelchair access
  • doorway widths and corridor widths
  • stairways and handrails
  • floor-ceiling heights along all movement pathways
  • kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and laundry design.
Australian Disabled Access Consultants negotiated disabled access into and within the project design with the development application disabled access assessment report ensuring compliance with: 
  1. the guiding principles of the Disabilities Discrimination Act
  2. part D3 of the Building Code of Australia
  3. Australian Standards AS4299–1995, AS1428.1–2009 and AS1428.4.1-2009
  4. compliance with class C dwellings design requirements under Appendix A of AS4299-1995.
Australian Disabled Access Consultants says, “Australian Disabled Access Consultants fully supports the Artiva Architects design where it complies with our recommendations as a housing project to support the Disability Discrimination Act.”