Australian Disabled Access Consultants  arranged disabled access for an upcoming medical centre located in Newtown.
The company successfully assisted Environmental Planning Solutions and Planspec Design to prepare the development application to convert an existing single-storey house at 276 Church Street, Newtown into a medical centre.
Australian Disabled Access Consultants provided auditing and assessment services for the design advice and development application report.
Key findings of the Medical Centre’s fit-out design drawings audit:
  • Ambulant person’s access into the front main entry doorway
  • Continuous safe paths of travel into and within the Medical Centre
  • Entry step upgrading by handrails, tread nosings and tactile ground surface indicators
  • Corridor widths and circulation areas
  • Consultation room layouts
  • Floor-ceiling heights along all movement pathways
  • Uni-sex accessible toilet upgrading for an ambulant person
  • Slip resistant pavement materials
Australian Disabled Access Consultants assessments:
  • Alternate design solution wheelchair access to the Medical Centre’s rear secondary entry doorway along the Mechanic Lane footpath
  • The public street footpath width
  • Directional signage to the new wheelchair accessible Mechanic Lane side entry gateway
  • A new boundary fence gateway and gateway hardware
  • Step ramp and landing at the Medical Centre’s rear entry doorway
  • Continuous safe paths of travel into and within the Medical Centre
  • Upgrading the existing bathroom toilet for a uni-sex toilet for an ambulant person
  • Slip resistant pavement and floor materials
Australian Disabled Access Consultants’ disabled access, ambulant access and wheelchair access design negotiations and disabled access assessment report for the development application drawings by Planspec Design ensured compliance of the design issues with: 
  • The guiding principles of the Disabilities Discrimination Act
  • Disability Access to Premises Standards 2010
  • The City of Sydney Access Development Control Plan 2004
  • Australian Standards AS1428.1–2009 (Design for Access and Mobility) and AS1428.4.1-2009 (Tactile Indicators)