New crane equipment from Australian Crane & Machinery includes Kobelco cranes, XCMG cranes and Todano platforms.

Kobelco designs and manufactures rough terrain cranes and crawler cranes from 50 ton to 800 ton capacity. The CKE range of crawler cranes from Australian Crane & Machinery contains self-erection capabilities with oil cooled winches and improved lifting capacities.

XCMG cranes are hydraulic truck cranes which have oviform booms with good lifting abilities. These cranes are available in standard front jacks with 360 degree load charts. Other features of hydraulic cranes include load moment limiters and joystick controls for sensitive load placement. Additional features include full width lower cabins, Steyr diesel engines and transmissions with sprung rear end to give comfort.

Tadano platforms include a wide range of diesel powered aerial work platforms such as truck mounted general purpose telescopic and articulated model vehicles, truck mounted electric and telecommunication telescopic units, truck mounted super deck telescopic units, self propelled general purpose telescopic units, self propelled super decks telescopic units and truck mounted bridge checker. These work platforms ranges from 200kg to 1000kg desk capacity.