Australian College QED  offers correspondence courses which include distance learning and continuing education. Correspondence courses such as editing, proofreading, photography, television, freelance journalism, sports writing, travel writing, bookkeeping, graphic design, desktop publishing, travel consulting, airline reservations, children's writing, novel writing, creative writing and share trading are offered

Australian College QED provides quality correspondence courses and the services of personal tutors. For journalism, media and photography correspondence courses, Australian College QED offers freelance journalism, advanced freelance journalism, professional photography for beginners, marketing digital photography, advanced digital photography, photoshop and photo editing, sports journalism and match reporting, travel writing and photography, freelance magazine writing and editing, scripts, screen writing and television production.

Correspondence courses in writing, editing and publishing from Australian College QED include instructions in professional book editing, proofreading and publishing, copy editing and proofreading, professional children's writing, novel writing, creative writing, short story writing, advanced professional writing and editing, Australian grammar and punctuation for professionals and publishing own magazines.

Travel and tourism correspondence courses from Australian College QED include travel consulting and airline reservations, international travel consulting, tourism operations and visitors attractions, travel agent licensing and starting own travel business, IATA fares and ticketing and computerised reservations systems.