Whether in a kitchen, study, laundry or bathroom, each benchtop is unique and gives interiors a warm and sophisticated feel.

Benchtops from Australian Architectural Hardwoods are produced from wide board laminations of thoroughly seasoned recycled timber. Each lamination is generally between 150-200mm wide, unless otherwise specified. Thickness can range from approximately 38mm to as much as 80mm.

The appearance of benchtops can vary from 'heavily aged' to clear and bright. For available colours and a description of our extensive range of recycled timber, contact Australian Architectural Hardwoods.

The tops can be pre-finished ready to assemble. This may include mitre or butt joins, edge profiling, shaping and cut outs to detail.

Benchtops with a fine sanded raw finish ready to coat are also available. Alternatively we can provide a tung oil finish ready to install. Note that this finish does require ongoing maintenance.