Australian Architectural Hardwoods specialise in the supply of recycled timber for contemporary design and are able to machine their timber into a range of products for home and building construction.

Australian Architectural Hardwoods supply long lengths of timber for machining and are able to achieve a range of finishes including sawn, wire brush, or dressed all round. They can also achieve an historic or aged appearance which is very popular for large pergola structures.

Specialising in large post and beam constructions, Australian Architectural Hardwoods always have large timber posts in stock and can machine them to individual design requirements. They can also match the machined timber posts to a particular species and colour for a consistent appearance. Similarly, bolt holes can be plugged with matching grain.

Australian Architectural Hardwoods can also machine timber into stairs. Kites, risers, stringers, and winders are available in a variety of sizes and species, again, manufactured to exact specifications.

The company also machines timber into architraves, fascia boards, skirting boards, and a broad range of othe timber products to match every requirement.