Australasian  Anti-Slip Solutions offers an extensive range of treatments for Slip hazards. These treatments are readily available with Australasian Anti-Slip Solutions for safe and flexible use in wet, oily and muddy environments.

Australasian Anti-Slip Solutions also provides steel plates that are pre-coated in numerous colours. These plates can be easily fitted to plant, stairs, platforms, steps and machinery in various industrial sites, mines, factories and work sites. These are flexible enough to be fitted at any place wherever the slip hazard can take place. Australasian Anti-Slip Solutions offers these plates in different shapes.

Australasian Anti-Slip Solutions provides the work areas that are coded visually and access to walkways. The surfaces offered by the company are waterproof and these also save underlying steel from damages that are useful to provide civil engineering services. These covered surfaces diffuse shear forces that are created by steering and braking and thus, provide maximum possible hold over the traffic.

Australasian Anti-Slip Solutions offer such surfaces which can minimize the down-time for the areas that are easily accessible and crowded roads. Several hazards can be eliminated with the fast-giving treatments from Australasian Anti-Slip Solutions. Other services offered by Australasian Anti-Slip Solutions are coloured borders and differentiation, extreme sturdy surfaces, uniform wear and chemical and oil resistant paints.