Vinyl cladding from Austech External Building Products helped save a customer’s home in Queensland from a fire that destroyed a neighbour’s home.  

One of Austech Queensland’s customers is convinced vinyl saved their home last year when their neighbour’s house caught fire.  

Though the intense heat melted one side of the home’s cladding, it never ignited. The melting cladding actually absorbed the heat, keeping it away from the interior. The cladding was simply replaced but the neighbour lost their whole house.  

Vinyl has a great ability to withstand severe conditions and this has been proved by a home in Marysville that survived the Victorian bushfires on February 9th 2009. While houses around it burned, a 2-year-old house made of vinyl cladding, vinyl decking, vinyl windows and vinyl fencing survived with only a scorched doormat.  

Vinyl is mistakenly believed to be a highly combustible product. Made up of organic compounds, vinyl will burn under extreme heat. Even aluminium and fibre cement will burn when the right temperature is reached.  

During burning, vinyl cladding doesn’t give off exceptionally high toxic fumes when compared to other building materials, helping building occupants to escape burning structures.   

Vinyl cladding is a line of building materials ideal for many areas of construction including new homes, renovations, extensions, first floor additions and outbuildings.  

Its low maintenance design requires no painting or upkeep and the cladding comes with a 50-year product warranty.