Many homeowners consider renovations after a few years of living in the house, but these changes often focus on internal areas such as the kitchen, bathrooms or the flooring. The home’s exterior is often overlooked due to the assumed expense and work involved; however, there are a few cost-effective cosmetic changes that can be made to the facade to inject fresh life into a home’s appearance.

A beautiful home definitely has great curb appeal. In fact, the first impressions of the home in the potential buyer’s mind can influence the final value of the property. One way to create or enhance a home’s curb appeal is to install modern vinyl cladding on the exterior. Vinyl cladding is available in a wide range of colours to suit the existing colour scheme or even to create a fresh new look.

Vinyl cladding will not only transform your home’s tired exterior but will also add extra protection from the outside elements, providing significant thermal advantages to the living space.

Most vinyl cladding products can be installed over existing walls including brick and cement, eliminating the need to remove the old surfaces. The ease of installation also saves time. Vinyl cladding is a low maintenance material that simply needs to be hosed down if cleaning is required. Ongoing maintenance is minimal since vinyl cladding doesn’t need to be painted over, and it won’t fade or crack from exposure to the hot Australian elements.

Engage a professional to install vinyl cladding on your home’s exterior; alternatively, save on installation costs by installing it yourself. Installation manuals and videos are available to help with any questions or problems.

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