Isolite downlight covers available from Austech External Building Products are designed to protect homes from ceiling fires caused by excessive heat in downlights.  

Halogen downlights generate very high temperatures even up to 370ºC, creating mass amounts of heat, which in the absence of correct insulation, installation and maintenance can cause serious fire hazards.  

The past five years have seen several fire accidents caused by halogen downlights. Ceiling downlights are serious fire hazards, causing home fires by igniting roof insulation. Since they burn in the roof cavities above fire alarms, residents become aware of the fire only when the ceiling collapses.  

Downlights are very common in homes across Australia. Homes can be protected from potential fire hazards caused by overheated downlights with the installation of Isolite downlight covers, exclusively available through Austech.  

Isolite downlight covers are designed to prevent fires by isolating halogen downlights from all combustible material. The approved downlight guards stop the downlight from coming into contact with flammable material, preventing halogen downlight-related fires.