There are many factors to consider when selecting an appropriate cladding for building facades with aesthetics, protection and minimal maintenance being some of the requirements. Austech External Building Products offers a wide range of facade claddings that provide the perfect solution for covering a building or home exterior.

What is facade cladding?

Façade claddings are non-load bearing panels fixed to the supporting structure primarily for aesthetic reasons as well as to add another dimension to a building structure. Facade claddings should only have to support their own weight. However, their benefits can extend beyond adding an attractive external appearance to enhancing overall thermal and acoustic properties of the building, especially with extra insulation installed behind the cladding.

Types of facade cladding

Specialising in lightweight cladding systems, Austech offers three superior facade cladding options including Duratuff Select vinyl cladding, CraftStone stone cladding and Foamular extruded polystyrene.

How to select the right facade cladding

Budget is a major factor when selecting a cladding solution with some types of cladding being more economical than others. Stone cladding for instance, delivers the beauty and elegance of stone; however, vinyl cladding can give a distinguished and classic look at a lower cost. Also consider the maintenance factor of the cladding.

Austech’s facade cladding range requires little to no maintenance where other types of cladding including timber will need regular cleaning and refinishing to keep them looking and working at their best. Vinyl cladding only needs an occasional hose down.