Foamular extruded polystyrene from Austech External Building Products has always been a versatile product. It has been used for roof membranes, render substrates, insulation inside precast concrete slabs and model trains.

Foamular’s versatility comes from its manufacturing. Extruded polystyrene is a closed cell structure that once manufactured maintains its rigidity, does not absorb water and maintains its insulation values.

Many model railroad builders have successfully used Foamular as a baseboard for their creations. Foamular is superior to other base materials like wood, plastics and white polystyrene. Its closed cell structure means it can be cut and shaped with traditional woodwork tools to create realistic mountain ranges, lakes, boulders, buildings and roads.

The closed cell rigid structure also means that with time Foamular would not crack, warp, or degrade. Once the model is created, it will be displayable for a long time with minimal maintenance.

Foamular’s natural colour is a dull yellow and can easily be painted using acrylic paints after a light sanding, giving an almost unlimited colour pallet. Paint can be applied through a brush, roller or spray gun, to make the perfect texture and finish.

The lightweight nature of Foamular makes it ideal for people who may need to move their models. This makes it useful for children, people with limited space and professionals who need to move their models often.

Sheets of Foamular can be glued together to create extravagant landscapes and giant models. Foamular can be sculpted to create almost any model while its closed cell structure means object like trees and decorations can be glued or pushed into the foam to further enhance the design.

Foamular is not limited to model trains. It has been successfully used in model making, sculptured art and for games like Warhammer where players create rich environments to interact with.