Flexi downlight covers from Austech External Building Products are manufactured from durable fireproof fibreglass, making them ideal for fire protection and flexibility.

Flexi’s are non-ridged downlight covers and have been specifically designed for hard to reach areas. Flexi downlight covers can be easily fitted from below through existing downlight holes, without the need to remove or damage existing plasterboard. Flexi downlight covers act like a downlight tent and can be fitted in areas that are inaccessible, such as between floors, in skillion roofs, and in cathedral ceilings.

The innovative design means all DLC downlight models are fire rated for 60 minutes to BS476 (vented intumescent cable entry), which is essential for protecting upper levels from the spread of fire.

Downlights should not be placed next to wooden beams, air-conditioning ducting or insulation. Flexi downlight covers are safe-touch enclosures and can be positioned next to any material and still maintain safe levels of fire protection. This offers more design choice when placing lighting, which is particularly significant in retail and commercial fit outs where design is important.

Installing downlights without protection requires all other material to be cleared from around the downlight, but when the insulation is removed, thermal and acoustic values are reduced. With Flexi downlight covers, insulation can be placed right next to the cover, significantly improving the insulation’s effectiveness.

Flexi downlight covers also help improve indoor air quality since they isolate the dirty and dusty ceiling cavities. This is especially important for asthma sufferers who can be aggravated by poor air quality, and also for hygiene, where dust can fall on displays, clothes and food.