Duratuff Select vinyl wall cladding from Austech External Building Products retains its rich colour even when exposed to the harsh weather conditions prevalent in Australia.

Australian homes face some of the most severe weather conditions in the world ranging from huge tropical cyclones to extreme UV from the sun, leading to colour degradation on all exterior surfaces. While traditional painted houses will see the colour on their walls deteriorate over time, homes featuring Duratuff Select vinyl wall cladding will continue to display their rich colours for life.

Colours deteriorate in the sun when the chemicals used to create colours break down from exposure to ultraviolet light in sunshine. However, this does not happen with Duratuff Select vinyl wall cladding because the Dura technology used in its manufacture offers colour preservation through advanced colour retention.

Duratuff Select uses a multilayer system to retain colour. All vinyl cladding is coated in Kynar, which provides superior colour retention and increases stain resistance, extending the life of the cladding. The multilayer system also includes a rich colour layer designed to minimise UV penetration and maximise long term colour retention, even in some of the harshest Australian conditions.

Exterior vinyl cladding is tested and proven across the world to withstand harsh environments, including extreme UV desert conditions.

Available in 13 colours, Duratuff Select vinyl wall cladding holds its colour and has no need for painting or sealing, making it perfect for hard to maintain areas.

Duratuff Select vinyl cladding comes with a full lifetime colour protection warranty.