Austech External Building Products  has unveiled a new external display exhibiting its range of cultured stone and craft stone wall cladding as well as the new Screen In A Box product.  

The new display features 11 different varieties and colours of stone as well as different colours of the Screen In A Box including the Eurowood finish.  

The display is located outside Austech’s Blacktown office, so it can be viewed beyond office hours by anyone interested in the product.  

With the display outside, it is exposed to all the elements, so one can see just how well the stone weathers in harsh environments.  

Normally stone is displayed on many small portable boards, but Austech wanted to re-invent the way stone is displayed by creating large fixed displays that can truly demonstrate what the finished product will look like.  

Every sample is at least 1m², making it much easier to view each unique stone and envisage it in a potential project.

Every stone has both flats and corners, so one can see the unique cornering system that makes cultured stone effortlessly wraparound corners without seams or joins. Good corners are vital to making stone cladding appear natural.  

One of the most popular walls is the new Blend wall. A Blend is a mixture of two or more styles that creates a unique feature.  

Austech chose a 50% Southern Ledgestone and 50% Dressed Fieldstone blend, with both stones in Chardonnay. Keeping the colours the same provides unity, but one can mix the colours up to create striking results.  

Stones on display include:  

Cultured Stone

  • Country Ledge Stone – Chardonnay
  • Country Ledge Stone – Shale
  • Southern Ledge Stone – Rustic
  • Southern Ledge Stone – Bucks County
  • Blend – 50% Southern Ledge Stone, 50% Dressed Fieldstone – Chardonnay
  • Dressed Fieldstone – Bucks County

Craft Stone

  • Vintage Ledge Stone – Alpine
  • Vintage Ledge Stone – Pewter Gray
  • Stacked Ledge Stone – Cabernet
  • Mountain Ledge Stone – Cabernet
  • European Castle Stone – Golden Blend

Austech’s external display can be viewed every day with an internal display also available during office hours. Austech also has many other displays in major cities Australia wide.