The Foamular Metric Extruded Polystyrene (XPS), available from Austech External Building Products , is an energy efficient substrate, especially suited for new generation PM Render Finishes.

The Extruded Polystyrene Panels are lightweight and can be screw fixed directly onto studs or masonry, and then finished with a Polymer Modified (PM) render system. The panel design creates a seamless render that is impact resistant.

The Foamular is a truly green product. It is created using an environmentally friendly HCFC Blowing Agent and its high insulation levels means it reduces household heating bills.

With over 90% of Australians electricity coming from burning coal, Foamular has the potential to reduce Australia’s carbon footprint.

The R-Value of 50mm thick Foamular is R1.78. 110mm of Brickwork has an R-value of only R0.18 and a Fibre Cement Sheet (6mm) has an R-value of only R0.019.

Foamular’s thermal insulation properties are assured to maintain at least 90% R-value for 20 years. Foamular’s closed cell structure means it cannot absorb water, creating a waterproof membrane. Insulation that absorbs water will often have dramatic losses in R-value once wet.

The versatility of Foamular means it can also be used in waterproofing, insulating floors and roofs, and has applications for cold storage facilities.