Aust Trowelcraft Manufacturing  manufactures a variety of preparation materials which include Super rust converter, Super patch, Supercrete internal PVA, Superprime deep sealer, Superwash, Trowelcoat Acrylic Render and many others.

The Super rust converter provided by Aust Trowelcraft Manufacturing consists of an acid based rust deactivating wash. It is primarily used to treat exposed rusted steel. It can be ideally used on rusted galvanised ducts, pipes, hand rails and tank frames. Superpatch is composed of acrylic emulsions, anti fungicides and selected fillers. It is suited for various applications and available in three grades known as fine, medium and coarse. The Superpatch wet and dry range consists of acrylic emulsions, concentrated anti fungicides and selected fine fillers. It allows the sanding of patches using glass, wet paper and dry paper.

Aust Trowelcraft Manufacturing manufactures Supercrete internal PVA, which is simply an acrylic emulsion ad-mixture for cement, concrete and plaster. Supercrete external addmix can also be used on cement and concrete surfaces and imparts special properties to the mix during application as well as after setting. Superprime deep sealer is a durable acrylic copolymer designed in such a way that it permits egress of contained water.

Superwash manufactured by Aust Trowelcraft Manufacturing is an anti fungus wash and is ideally suited for masonry walls, tiles, slate roofs, brick work, plaster sheet.