Apart from comfortable and stylish office furniture, Aussie Office Furniture also offers a wide range of accessories. Aussie Office Furniture’s office accessories help to customise the work area keeping them neat and tidy. The office accessories offered include castors, handles, monitor arm and stand, cable tidy, pencil trays, tool bar set, clamps, stacking kit, furniture glide and tower boxes.

The ‘Cable tidy’ offered by Aussie Office Furniture is a long substance into which computer phone and network cables are placed. These give a nest look to the offices as the cumbersome wires and line are concealed. Castors are twin wheel hood with a plate pack. Handles offered are made from satin chrome in bowed manner.

The monitor arms are made from solid metal and the die cast aluminium frame components are made from stainless steel material. Each part of the monitor arm is designed in such a way that it gives maximum movement with minimum effort. Pencil trays are used to place pens, pencils and paper clips. Tool bar trays are are available in A3 and A4 sizes for strage of standard sizes of paper. The Stacking kit is provided with two A4 portrait trays stacked one above the other and give an overall neatly-stacked look.