Aussie Lifts  Mobilift is a Canadian manufactured portable lift designed for hire at events where disabled people require access to stages or other areas normally accessed by stairs. It is manually operated which makes it cost effective and practical, and with over 700 units in operation in America, the Mobilift has also been proven safe. It is completely self sufficient so there is no noisy power supply, or wasted time on making modifications or retrofitting.

The Mobilift is suitable for schools, convention centres, historic sights, planes, and trains, or any building where it is too expensive, impractical or unattractive to install a mobile chair lift permanently. It can hold up to 275 kilograms and has been tested on up to 1350 kilograms, and with a platform size of 860 millimetres wide by 1420 millimetres deep, it can accommodated for a large wheelchair or scooter. The Mobilift travels up to 1.52 metres in twenty seconds.

The Mobilift is made of stainless steel and aluminium, making it strong and durable. It requires 1.8 kilograms of pressure to operate, and can be set up indoors or outdoors. The Mobilift is very economical with a low acquisition cost, no permanent installation or structural modifications required.

Aside from being easy and silent to operate, the Mobilift comes with pictogram decals, automatic parking brakes to prevent rolling, platform counter balance to reduce cranking force, automatic  self levelling on uneven ground, vandal resistant design, and large wheels to negotiate rough terrain. It also features a floating bridge for easy alignment, can be loaded onto any size truck for multi destination use, and comes with an extension ramp to increase the turning radius for large wheelchairs.