As with many of the products and materials used within the building industry, the Australian market for disabled access lifts is flooded with overseas imports. While the choice of an imported lift can seem attractive due to a lower initial investment, there are some key questions that must be asked before making a choice.

What is the lead-time?

Delays and disruptions that occur throughout a building project are some of the most common and frustrating issues faced in the building industry. The repercussions of having a project go over-time are many, and can lead to budget blowouts, bruised reputations and upset clients.

One of the most common but also avoidable delays is the waiting game that is often played with the importation of lifts from overseas.

The logistics of importing lifts adds an unneeded layer of complexity to a building project. Lead-time between product order, dispatch and arrival in Australia needs to be carefully considered and managed.

As the inclusion of an access lift will generally be towards the tail-end of a new building project, or a time-sensitive addition when retrofitting, it is imperative the lift is ready to be installed on time.

The expected lead-time must be taken into consideration, and whether choosing a supplier who imports will incur a lead time that disrupts the building schedule.

Is the quality guaranteed?

All too often imported lifts that promise the world can end up being something completely different on arrival. These products turn out to be of significantly substandard quality in comparison to the high standards of Australian made.

If products do turn out to be of substandard quality, the buyer is often left with little recourse for reimbursement or replacement as agreements and guarantees with overseas exporters are often rendered useless.

Purchasing from an Australian manufacturer helps to guarantee a lift that is built to Australian Standards and of the high quality expected of locally made products.

Aussie Lifts

Aussie Lifts are an Australian family owned company providing easy access living solutions to the residential and commercial building sectors.

Aussie Lifts disabled lifts are manufactured and designed in Brisbane, Australia, ensuring a product that can be delivered with a much shorter lead time than competitors with imported products.

With almost 20 years experience designing and manufacturing easy access living solutions, and a lift to suit every budget, Aussie Lifts have the expertise and versatility to provide a lift solution for any access requirement.

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