Available from Aussie Lifts , the Mariner16 is a disabled access lift designed for commercial applications with multiple levels or limited overhead.

Built to comply with the requirements of Australian Standard 1735 part 16, the Mariner16 disabled access commercial lift is able to travel up to 6.8m runs under automatic control and is BCA E3.6 compliant.

The Mariner16 disable access commercial lift is built as a free standing self supporting unit, and the tower comes complete with doors, door frames, flashing, electrical wiring, and hydraulic cylinders. The car measures 1100mm wide x 1400mm deep x 2000mm high, has a clear door opening of 900mm and is able to support up to 350kg, which is usually two people, including one in a wheel chair. Installation requires a pit depth of 100mm.

For durabilty the Mariner16 disabled access commercial lift car is lined in white Colorbond and trimmed with extruded aluminium. Custom finishes, such as timber, MDF, vinyl, and stainless steel are also available with an alteration in shaft size.

Standard features of these lift cars include:

  • dual control inside the lift car
  • braille and tactile
  • EM phone
  • stainless steel handrail
  • four recessed down lights
  • light curtain across the door entrance
  • door hold open device
  • non-slip floor covering.
 The Mariner16 disabled access lift is suitable for installation in schools, factories, churches, clubs, sporting grounds, and government buildings.