Aussie Lifts recently had a successful exhibition at the Brisbane Courier Mail Home Show in March 2011.  The lift company displayed various commercial and residential lifts including the “Phoenix” deluxe residential lift, the “Mobilift CX” portable wheelchair lift, and the “Silent Servant” manual dumb waiter.

The Phoenix residential lift was a popular attraction, which was installed inside the Home Show in 1-2 days as a working model. Home Show visitors could actually step into a working Aussie Lifts elevator and travel up and down one floor. This demonstrated how easy it is to install commercial and residential lifts from Aussie Lifts.

May visitors also enquired about the new ‘Disability (Access to Premises – Buildings) Standards 2010 (Premises Standards)’ which comes into force on May 1st 2011. This act will present some significant changes to limited mobility and disability access to commercial premises. At this stage, Aussie Lifts is still trying to get confirmation on a few points, especially information concerning the sort of premises that they supply commercial lifts to such as schools, government offices and small buildings.

Aussie Lifts offers a BCA compliant limited mobility access lift for commercial buildings. They also supply mobile wheelchair lifts and low-rise platform lifts, which offer an additional low-cost limited-mobility-access solution.