Aussie Lifts  have manufactured a budget lift for residential use, the Gemini, which aims to help the elderly or disabled gain more independence, accessibility to multiple storey buildings, and provide extra safety. Custom built in Australia, the Gemini is ideal for two storey residential buildings, particularly those with a verandah or large patio as the lift requires external installation only.

The environmentally friendly Gemini lift is manufactured in Australia and supplied to the customer as a complete unit, complete with a cladded tower of folder cream or white colour bond panels. This means it is more cost effective, and installation time is no more than two days. Additional work is required before installation, including the pouring of a concrete slab, and the supply and connection of a telephone line. 

The 12 month warranty covers installation of the Gemini and manual labour. Aussie Lifts recommend the Gemini lift is serviced at intervals no longer than 12 months. The Gemini requires a 240v supply voltage and travels up to 3.5m, with a lifting capacity of 250kg (two people including one in a wheelchair). A water hydraulic drive system with direct acting cylinders on each side of the lift car enables the Gemini to travel at 0.083 metres per second.

The lift tower is approximately 350kg, fabricated from aluminium and a free standing unit. The unit is covered with a cylindrical extension, which provides protection from the weather and also ventilation. Natural lighting is provided though a polycarbonate translucent panel fitted to the side of the shaft. The Gemini is individually built to meet the customers' requirements, with a maximum floor space of 1.3m².  

A stainless steel hand rail, non-slip floor, two recessed down lights, and an emergency telephone are all included to ensure safety. The machine cabinet which stores the hydraulic power unit, instructions, and emergency tools, is fitted with a key lockable door.