Aus Clad Panel Co. is the sole agent and distributor of Hyundai alcomax (South Korea) aluminum composite panels, offering Hyundai alcomax ACP and ACP FR (Fire-Retardant) with a focus on quality and competitive prices.  Hyundai alcomax aluminium composite panels are widely used in interior and exterior decorations of airports, shopping and entertainment centers, medium and high-rise residential and commercial buildings, stadiums and gymnasiums, train stations with a fire-retardant advantage.

Hyundai alcomax auminium composite panels offer the following key features:

  • Alcomax auminium composite panels Lightweight, Flatness, Adiabatic effect, Workability
  • These composite panels offer sound proofing, durability and corrosion resistance
  • Weather resistant combined with high acoustics, thermal and fire rated values
  • FR Panels (non-combustible)
  • The aluminium composite panels come in a choice of solid, metallic colors for exterior and interior facade's treatment
  • Besides standard colors of the aluminium composite panels, any other colors can be provided per customer’s request in order to best suit your architectural designs, if ordered over 500 sqm.
Easy machinability gives the flexibility to achieve complex architecture design, meeting the following standards:
  • BS (British Standard) for fire safety
  • NATA (National Association of Test Authorities Australia) for fire and smoke safety
  • ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) for PVDF coating finish
  • AAMA (American Architectural Manufacturers Association) for PVDF coating finish)
  • KS (Korean Standard) for general testing
Hyundai alcomax co. agree to repair or replace aluminium composite panels at own cost upon receipt of notification in writing from customer of any claimed Non-Compliance within 25 years after the date of each shipment. (20 years warranty for PVDF surface coating). Delivery time of the aluminuim composite panels is on  Average 8 weeks.