Audio Video Designs  specialises in lighting solutions and lighting control equipment in addition to being a pioneer in the field of audio visual equipment. Audio Video Designs serves as a leading distributor of world leading brands in New Zealand. In addition to providing custom made audio and visual solutions, Audio Video Designs also offers specialised lighting solutions such as whole home lighting and innovative illumination design for offices and commercial spaces.

Audio Video Designs distributes products of the Lutron, Lutron-Bang and Olufsen and Sivoia brands. Lutron specialises in customised illumination systems for easy installation and usage. The whole home lighting system developed by the label is an integrated lighting solution which enables the user to illuminate the entire building without having to travel through all the areas. Lutron has systems that will let customers control their lighting and entertainment equipment from anywhere in the world.

Real time systems and feedback control units are utilised by these lighting systems to provide high quality performance and increased sensitivity to changes in the environment. The lighting systems include scene activators, zone control units, channel splitters and connectors.

Audio Video Designs also provides users with lighting accessories like power supply and regulatory control units, connector cables and operation tracking monitor systems.