AuctionsRus  is one of the major auction houses in Australia that primarily deals with home makers and renovators requirements. The auctions are held in a periodic manner at four important locations namely Sunshine coast, Toowoomba, Brisbane and Tuggerah. The aim of AuctionsRus is to enable its customers to afford high quality products at lesser rates than retail prices.

The auctions are planned and distributed across the company’s four locations to facilitate enough time for inspection as well as to enable customers from more than one location to benefit from these auctions.

Some of the current products being auctioned in the Sunshine coast branch are bedroom furniture, side tables, marble headrests, letterboxes, refrigerators, floor and ceiling tiles, bathroom fittings and furniture, kitchen basins and sinks, garden decoration products like bench seatings, statues and entertainment units.

AuctionsRus also currently has products for auction at its Tuggerah branch that cover other household functions like hardware for installation and repairs, screwdriver and spanner sets, pipe wrenches, air compressor kits, spray paint guns, cordless drills, crowbars, garden hoses and complete carpentry sets. Entertainment products like dartboards, toy castles and bicycles for children are also available.

AuctionsRus also has a wide variety of miscellaneous product under various categories like cameras, fishing tools, lounge decoration products and cutlery.