AUCOM Surveillance/ Security Camera Recording  provides surveillance solutions for home and commercial set ups. The various products offered by the company include security cameras in different configurations, digital video recorders, hidden spy cameras and related accessories.

Digital video recorders (DVR) under the AVR model series are offered by AUCOM Surveillance/ Security Camera Recording. Under this series, recorders with multiple channel (video input) options ranging from two to sixteen channels are available. These recorders are computer controlled and come with backup media, adjustable resolution options, multi language support, variable compression rates and round the clock motion detect features.

AUCOM Surveillance/ Security Camera Recording also provides extra features like remote controllability and variable compression type selections. All multi channel recorders are also available with a range of frame rate options.

AUCOM Surveillance/ Security Camera Recording also provides stand alone digital video recorders which can be remote controlled with multi channel features, PTZ control, Linux embedded operating system, VGA/HVGA recording resolution, USB connectivity and CD-RW features. These recorders can also be connected to networks and accessed from remote locations using the remote viewing software.

AUCOM Surveillance/ Security Camera Recording’s computer controlled security cameras and video recorders can be successfully integrated with the basic surveillance network in any office or home building with minimal cost and high quality.