Attic Vac  specialises in vacuuming, insulation and ventilation products installation and services. Vacuuming services include extraction of toxic dust and lead dust. Also fine dust particles like dust mites and vermin can be cleaned. Vacuuming is done by Attic vac using HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters which can efficiently eradicate every known type of dust and fine air particles.

Vacuuming also includes removal of old insulation in SMF (Synthetic Mineral Fibres). These include glass wool, fibre glass, loose fill, mineral wool, cellulose fibre and ceramic fibre. In addition to vacuuming, Attic Vac also undertakes demolition works of ceilings, attics and walls. Attic Vac also undertakes renovation projects that include vacuuming and insulation of attic spaces, roofs and extensions.

Attic Vac has a team of specialists and engineers trained to plan, install and maintain the vacuum services and insulation products installed in customer’s homes or office buildings. In addition, Attic Vac also supplies and installs ventilation systems, dust free insulation embeddings in ceilings and walls and fire resistant paddings.

Regular vacuuming operations provided by Attic Vac are highly essential for places housing children, pregnant women and adults prone to allergies and respiratory illnesses.