Attard Transport  runs general cargo transport and hire services in addition to being the distributor of bricks and retaining wall products from premium names like Austral and C and M. The Austral bricks name is known for its quality and variety. Various brick types available include Borderstone, Kensington and Balmoral models which are ideal for low garden seating, elevated garden beds and terraces. They can also be used in laying front fences on sloping surfaces as well as low to medium size retaining walls. Building bricks in various styles and colours are also available from Austral.

A wide range of colours like red ash, sandstorm, bluestone, goldenstone and riverstone are available to suit the user’s needs. Balmoral and Kensington cappers offered by Attard Transport can be used for casual seating, stairs, terraces and water features. Cut diamond model of Austral bricks are widely used in large retaining walls and terraces. Vertica model is used for fully engineered vertical walls with straight runs or relatively tight curves.

For smooth or split surface, Attard transport provides Austral’s Vertica cappers, Vertica corner blocks and Kensington corner blocks. These Autral bricks can be designed and laid in combination with expert planning and expertise from Attard Transport for retaining walls as well as other exterior surfaces.