Atlas Electrical Technologies Services  in a leading crane servicing company in Australia which is involved in innovative projects like the development of cranes anti collision systems. The company has designed and installed a fail safe crane anti collision system in the Middle East. This anti collision system has been incorporated on five Liebherr tower cranes and three Potain cranes which will stop the operator from colliding the jibs, hoist ropes and counter jibs.

Atlas Electrical Technologies Services has had satisfactory results from these installations in way of safety improvement and productivity increase. In yet another challenging project in Australia, Atlas Electrical Technologies Services designed and installed an anti collision system that supervises the work area limits, gathers information on the proximity of these limits and prevents dangerous movements. This involves radio telecommunication features which aid in establishing limiting features to prevent jib to jib, jib to load and jib to tower deck collision.

The system also has zone points along loading bays, traffic lanes and edges of buildings where the cranes should not tread. Atlas Electrical Technologies Services has also developed a creative lighting system with flexible LED neon which serve as an alternative to the traditional glass neon systems. These consume less power and are unbreakable and moisture resistant due to their PVC covers.