Atlas Copco Compressors  is a specialist in providing mining and drilling tools and underground vehicles and trucks for various industrial applications. It offers a comprehensive selection of four wheel drive articulated underground vehicles like load, haul and dump vehicles for tunnelling and miming projects. The line of electric and diesel loaders ranges from 3.6 tonnes to 15 tonnes tramming capacity. The vehicles are equipped with a fail safe braking system for extended component life.

Atlas Copco Compressors also manufactures and supplies four wheel articulated mine trucks with tramming capacities from 20 to 60 tonnes. These trucks come with box volumes that are appropriate for every application ore’s density and feature a twin cylinder raised box. Low profile ejector type versions of these trucks are also available for restrained back heights.

In addition, Atlas Copco Compressors manufactures frictional bolts with radical technology called the Swellex Manganese Line. This model has been designed as a benchmark for safety and reliability such that it gives improved tensile strength and yield characteristics. They are stiffer by default which helps them intercept roof sag and other ground movements. Atlas Copco Compressors offers products that provide logistic, technical and commercial support both above and underground.