Gravel Cell®, a permeable gravel pavement from Atlantis, was installed at the Sea Spray Caravan Park in WA, Australia to mitigate flooding as well as provide a durable surface.

Atlantis Gravel Cell

The caravan park needed a solution for flooding during the rainy season as well as a stable surface to withstand the high vehicular traffic that the place is exposed to normally.

The Atlantis Gravel Cell uses an innovative technology that distributes the loads, reducing the impact of the dynamic load of vehicular traffic.

The gravel pavement reinforcement consists of permeable joint structures that allow immediate water infiltration to prevent flooding, and form a robust, strong and durable surface, suitable for high traffic areas, driveways, parking lots, and residential steets.

Atlantis Gravel Cell was installed on an area of about 2,000m² at the caravan park in less than a week.