Atlantis Easy Tile (NZ)  supplies partial shower systems. These partial shower systems provide protection against water leakage. Partial shower systems from Atlantis Easy Tile (NZ) can be handled easily and suitable for home renovations and building projects. Diverse range of partial shower systems, provided by Atlantis Easy Tile (NZ), includes shower base, shower base with screen, shower base with membrane and screens. Atlantis Easy Tile (NZ) provides tiled and acrylic showers of Black Pearl brand. Black Pearl series of tiled and acrylic showers provide visually appealing look and comprise of fully frameless shower systems.

Black Pearl series of tiled showers, from Atlantis Easy Tile (NZ), incorporate a diverse range of features including low profile shower base, optional tiled wall, acrylic shower wall, frameless screens, self centering hinges and superior hardware. These showers are available in 23 different shapes and sizes. The frameless screens possess a total size averaging to eight millimetres. These showers also comprise of toughened glass system, footrest and matte finished solid shelves. Black Pearl series of tiled showers from Atlantis Easy Tile (NZ) possess total height averaging to about 26 millimetres.