ASVIc Engineering Software  is the developer and distributor of AutoCAD software solutions. ASVIc Engineering Software supplies these software products to different streams of the engineering field such as mechanical stream, piping, HVAC and structural steel detailing field. ASVIc Engineering Software also caters to clients of various industries like food and beverage, petrochemical, marine, heavy industry, biotechnology, mining and many others.

Mech-Q CAD software solutions developed by ASVIc Engineering Software offer powerful functions and utilities that enable smooth functioning of engineering design and drafting tasks. These solutions are available in a set of modules. Mech-Q mechanical module comprises of mechanical symbols and housing, gears, material handling equipment, springs and shafts utility. Mech-Q piping module designed by ASVIc Engineering Software is a 2D and 3D piping package which consists of pipes, fittings, flanges, valves, isometric piping, hangers, clamps and many others.

Mech-Q structural module developed by ASVIc Engineering Software emphasises the structural steel detailing and comprises of various 2D and 3D steel shapes with weighted auto-BOM, stairs, ladders, bracing, frames, beam designer and many more. Mech-Q-HVAC ducting module includes duct transitions, offsets, dampers, flexible ducts, grills and various other accessories.

Mech-Q full suite offered by ASVIc Engineering Software comprises of all Mech-Q modules. Mech-Q P and ID module comprises of standard piping and instrumentation symbology.