The Association of Wall and Ceiling Industries Australia and New Zealand (AWCIANAZ) is the peak national body responsible for representing Australia’s wall and ceiling industries.

The construction association caters to:

  • The tradespeople who install and construct wall and ceiling products 
  • Suppliers of wall and ceiling products
  • Manufacturers of wall and ceiling products
The construction association has strong relations with various wall and ceiling industry groups, including the Master Builders Association, the National Safety Council of Australia and the Construction Industry Training Advisory Board.

Industry newcomers are welcomed by the construction association, and it provides those interested with the support, advice and information required to commence an apprenticeship in the industry.

Members are invited to seek the assistance of the construction association when issues relating to pay rates, unfair dismissals, dispute resolution, employee working conditions and so forth arise. The construction association seeks to provide its members with advice and is able to represent them in these matters.

The construction association offers Contractor Accreditation Training, which enhances business opportunities for members and provides them with the opportunity to develop their professional skills.

It is a known fact that individuals and companies will typically opt for accredited contractors rather than those who are not accredited. 

Occupational health and safety (OH&S) information and training is also provided by the construction association.

Quarterly meetings and information committees are formed by the construction association, and they provide members with networking opportunities and information sharing possibilities.

The construction association is responsible for producing On the Surface Magazine, a quarterly publication that is comprised of information relating to new government initiatives, legislative and policy changes and new products, among others.

Photo: a Creative Commons (Attribution 2.0) image from David Wulff’s Flickr photo stream