Swing doors are the most common of all door types used in buildings worldwide.

Take your home, for instance. The doors to your bedroom, bathroom and kitchen are all most probably, swing doors. Any door with two hinges that opens either inwards or outwards is a swing door.

Swing doors are always framed, but can be made from a variety of different materials, including wood, aluminium, plastic and glass to suit your space. Most swing doors are manual; however, an automated swing door can deliver a whole range of additional benefits.

Configured to your needs

Suitable for both interior and exterior applications, automated swing doors can be designed with or without a threshold. The highly versatile automated swing door is ideal for use as an excellent emergency door, complete with break-out and smoke and fire control features, as well as anti-burglary protection for added security. Sound insulation can also be integrated for specific requirements.

Automatic benefits

By choosing an automated swing door over a manual swing door, you can enhance your building’s accessibility, increase hygiene standards and ensure barrier-free passage. With regulated closing sequences and locking security, you can also ensure safety and security for your building.