Coworking spaces represent the latest trend in the evolving workplace environment. With the world moving towards a more flexible working style, coworking spaces are preferred by many businesses and individuals to reduce operational costs as well as for the convenience factor in terms of a shared infrastructure.

Coworking spaces have begun to accommodate our new way of working – this flexible office space segment has grown by 240% globally in the last three years, with 3.8 million users expected to use these facilities by 2020.

With multiple businesses operating under the same roof, it’s important to control the flow of co-workers with varying access permissions. Coworking spaces, therefore, require flexible yet controlled access solutions that are convenient and easy to use, making the new generation workplace smarter and more secure.

SMARTair wireless access control

SMARTair is a wireless, high-security access control system that can be paired with various physical credentials, including mobile intelligence through the new Openow app. Using an intuitive TS1000 software, facility managers can send, revoke and update virtual keys over-the-air from anywhere in the world, providing specific access rights to any user. 

The SMARTair technology is easy to install, configure and maintain, introducing an advanced security solution to the modern workplace while distinguishing the facility from other business environments. With reliable and non-disruptive software in place, workspace users can enjoy flexibility, freedom of movement, and security round-the-clock.

Mobile intelligence with Openow

While SMARTair can be paired with a range of physical credentials such as bracelets, tags and cards, the Openow app optimises ease of management by enabling security managers to update access plans, receive mobile events and collect door history, while users can store keys for multiple facilities within the app. 

The Openow app can also be used beyond the coworking space; it’s ideal for large facilities with a high volume of visitors and subcontractors such as healthcare, education, multi-residential properties, commerce, and municipalities among many more. SMARTair’s adaptable and intuitive software benefits all sorts of businesses.

Modern access solutions for a modern workplace

Coworking space ULab, located in Alicante, Spain, adopted SMARTair technology in 2016 to provide better flexibility and freedom of movement for their customers. Accommodating 100 daily users and ten times more during events, ULab is benefitting from the system’s ease of use, aided by Openow’s mobile solution, allowing the facility to manage high traffic situations while accentuating their brand with its modern component design.