From attractive window displays to inviting entrances, there are many factors that draw customers into stores. The visual element matters when it comes to attracting customers into your store. Manual entrances are quite common in the retail segment but they require effort and commitment from the customer. Automatic sliding doors, on the other hand, are effortlessly welcoming to customers, and therefore, should be the first preference for store owners.

A good impression

One of the first things noticed by a potential customer as they approach a store is the entrance. While the store interiors, display and lighting draw them to the store, it’s important to ensure an entrance that encourages them to step inside. It is also vital that stores choose automatic entrances that suit their business. For instance, sleek, sophisticated slim frame sliding doors are well suited to stores that sell luxury goods such as jewellery and watches. All-glass sliding doors are great for fashion stores in a shopping mall.

Made to measure

Entrance doors can be made to meet a store’s specific requirements in terms of colour, finish and branding. For instance, one can choose matt black to match the window frames of a furniture store or a brass finish for a sophisticated revolving door at a department store entrance. Door sizing will also depend on the size of the store; doors can be made to suit everything from smaller fashion and specialist stores to the much wider needs of large hypermarkets and malls.

Regardless of what you are selling, it’s important to consider the impact your entrances will have on your customers. Make a good first impression with an automatic sliding door.