Revolutionary Security

ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems believes that everyone should benefit from safe, convenient, elegant and secure entrances.

Automatic sliding doors have been appreciated by our customers for years, and we are now taking security to the next level by equipping our sliding doors with a multilevel intrusion protection system. This system is suitable for entrances with high security demands.

The Intrusion protection system provides options for securing at multiple points, whether it be top, middle or bottom. For maximum security we highly recommend all levels of protection.

The top of the door can be further enhanced with our strengthened electromechanical locking system contained within the sliding door mechanism. The middle edges of the door are enhanced by interlocking profiles on the leading edges, bandit proof glass and hardened steel door locating pins to prevent the doors from being pushed in or levered apart.

The bottom of the door is bolstered by a bottom tracking system with door frame inserts to prevent deter forced entry of a lateral force.

Activation and Safety features

An integrated activation and presence detection system enhances safety for users by detecting people or objects in the doorway, preventing the door from closing until it is safe to do so. This same system can be used to detect after hours intruders and activate visual deterrents or monitored alarm systems.

When combined the ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems SL500 Automatic Sliding Door Operator, the door can also be controlled by multiple inputs including features such as Pharmacy mode whereas the door only opens partially after hours or after a set time, or a full lock down mode for situations that require an immediate response.


ASSA ABLOY’s automatic door systems can reduce the amount of energy needed to heat or cool a building, resulting in lower costs and a smaller carbon footprint for customers.

The ASSA ABLOY Intrusion Protection Systems is equipped with additional sensors for fine-tuning
opening and closing times, further enhancing its energy-saving capabilities. Regular maintenance helps ensure top performance and extends the life of the equipment, reducing its impact on the environment.

The ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems Intrusion Protection System is the cost efficient upgrade to any new automatic sliding door and is now being utilised by some of Australia’s largest retailers as well as banks, service stations and any building requiring further security protection for your business and your staff.  The reduction in break-ins not only has a huge impact in regards to reduced cost’s across the board but also on staff confidence and safety resulting in higher productivity all round.

For further information on the ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems Intrusion Protection System, or any Automated Entrance Systems requirements, contact 1300 13 13 10, email [email protected] or visit