Asbestos Check specialise in conducting independent asbestos testing, inspections, management and consulting services to identify assess and control asbestos related health risk in the workplace.

Asbestos Check conducts asbestos testing to comply with Australian Standard AS 4964 Method for the qualitative identification of asbestos in bulk samples.

Asbestos Check provide the following asbestos testing services:
  • Stereo Microscope asbestos analysis: suspected material placed within a dust cabinet and viewed under stereomicroscope
  • Polarised Light Microscopy: suspected asbestos fibres are viewed under polarised light microscopy
  • Crossed Polars - testing asbestos fibres for Birefringence: determines whether the material is crystalline or amorphous and an assessment can be made whether the fibres are asbestiform in nature.
  • Testing Asbestos Fibres for RI Orientation: Crossed Polars with 1st Order Red Retardation Plate
  • Testing  Asbestos Fibres for Pleochroism: viewing fibres under plane polarised light indicate colour and pleochrosim
  • Dispersion Staining – Asbestos Testing Fibres for Refractive Index: tests the relative difference in refractive index between the asbestos fibre and the refractive index oil through a wavelength shift in the observed light. 
Asbestos Check provide innovative and pragmatic solutions to identify assess and control asbestos related health risks. Its testing services focus on client needs and expectations in a timely manner.