Sydney houses built before 1990 are quite likely to contain some form of asbestos material. Asbestos testing can identify potential asbestos containing materials within such houses.

Bonded asbestos when left and maintained in a good condition does not pose a significant health risk unless the asbestos containing material is deteriorated or disturbed such that it liberates fibres into the air.

Many people are unaware that their house may contain asbestos and are at great risk of exposure to asbestos during renovations. Those buying a house in Sydney should consider having an asbestos survey or asbestos testing conducted on samples of the material by an asbestos consultant, prior to purchasing the property. 

The cost of asbestos testing is relatively inexpensive compared to that of the extra cost imposed to remove the asbestos safely. The cost of asbestos removal is generally underestimated and must be considered as part of the purchase price of a house if there are plans for renovation. Asbestos testing also provides peace of mind by confirming whether the material actually contains asbestos or not.

Testing for the presence of asbestos cannot be confirmed by just looking at the material with the naked eye. Asbestos testing involves viewing the fibres under a polarised light microscope in different conditions to confirm the type of asbestos. If there is significant damage to materials, asbestos testing the air can assess the relative risk of respirable fibres against the national exposure standard.

Many Sydney councils also require asbestos survey and asbestos testing to be carried out by a qualified person at the development application stage, ensuring that people are aware of the potential risk while renovating the house. Once the results of asbestos testing are known, the location and condition of the material will be recorded within an asbestos register.

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