Artstyle Galleries - Picture Hanging Systems  offers a smart range of picture rail and art gallery hanging systems designed as a total picture hanging solution.  

These picture hanging systems are designed for smart property owners looking to change over from the old-fashioned way of hanging pictures.

The Australian-made picture hanging systems are designed with art gallery owners in mind, and also function as an easy-to-install picture hanging rail system for office and shop fit-outs as well as home decorators. 

Designed for installation in minutes, the picture hanging systems completely eliminate ugly holes in the walls or crookedly-hung pictures.  

The rail system simplifies changing the pictures around to create a new look.

An optional picture lighting system is also available that consists of up to 12 flexible light wands that can be simply clipped on or moved anywhere along the track to provide instant 20W illumination.

The optional lighting kit comes with a 12V transformer and cable that is conveniently concealed along the top of the track.