Artistic Tile Design  provides an exclusive range of floor and wall coverings that are ideal for all types of domestic and commercial requirements. Artistic Tile Design offers sophisticated range of floor and wall coverings in wide variety of materials, fabrics and hues. The floor and wall coverings are made available in porcelain, ceramic, glass, tesselated, stones, mosaic, etc. Artistic Tile Design offers a innovative range of stone products in marble, limestone, sandstone, granite, pebbles and stone walls.

Artistic Tile Design is specialised in floors and wall tiles from the classic period. Artistic Tile Design’s team offers personalised professional services to interior designers, architects, new home buyers, builders and renovators on quality design creation. Artistic Tile Design offers exclusive tile designs that meet the increasing demands of the modern world.

Artistic Tile Design provides innovative design tiles for walls and floors that suit diverse specific requirements. The ceramic tiles, stone tiles, porcelain tiles, tesselated tiles and glass tiles from Artistic Tile Design have a long lasting appeal to the applications. The tesselated tiles give a traditional and classic appearance to all kinds of decor.